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"It was great working with you both. You guys made me feel comfortable and led me professionaly. I was inspired by your enthusiasm and passion as well.
I can't wait to work with you guys again in the future!
Thank you"

"Darrin, Thank You for an absolutely BRILLIANT shoot today!!! The studio was incredible, the make up was beautiful, and the day was just perfect.
By far the most professional but relaxed/comfortable shoot I have worked on! We can't wait to see the pictures!
I highly recommend Darrin and Sharon!

Thank You both again!


Wonderful photographer ... your pictures have life and can be listened to not only be seen.. honestly. Shoot my outfits when in LA !?

John, Fashionvue, LA, USA

"It was great working with you today had a fantastic time. You are also friendly and funny, and able to create a relaxed atmosphere from the very beginning of the shoot. You are very creative and gave great direction added with professionalism and class. Would love to work with you again.

Thank you x"

"Hey there Darrin! Thank you for the wonderful shoot yesterday. It really was a pleasure to work with you and Sharon.

I've just had a look at the pictures and I love them can't wait to see the rest. Result of a great shoot, photographer and make up artist I must say! Would definitely love to work with you two again in the new years!
Hope you two have a very Happy New Year! Best wishes and all :)!


"I love the prospect of modelling, the fashion, the make-up, the colours, the creativity...i love it all.   It was good fun to be a part of that. I found the Henrys really inspiring.  They are a dedicated and passionate team, and so easy to work with. I can't fault them on professionalism."


"I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot with Darrin and Sharon.  They possess diverse creative vision, professionalism and made me feel completely comfortable working with them.  It was great being around their creative energy and also to be a part of their work."
"Working as a model for Darrin Henry Photography is certainly something that I will not hestiate to do again.
"Darrin is a great photographer who makes you feel comfortable and confident (which definately helps if you're as shy as me). The end results of every shoot never failed to impress and I applaud both Darrin and Sharon's professionalism and skill.
"Being a model is not as easy as it looks in the magazines but when you work with such great people as these two, even the 100th smile in a session will always look as good as the first."


"Modelling for Darrin Henry Photography was a great experience. Working with Darrin was great as he is keen but not pushy.

"hi thanks for all your help.... u are an amazing photographer i had an amazing day shooting with u.... for more than 5 hours not noticing it, i really like the pictures..... u made me feel soo confident shooting with u.... love your work.... wish u all the best...xx .
Peppa Dee

Darrin Henry Photography studio is located in South East London. If you would like more information now, please feel free to get in touch.


"The most amazing photographer!
I had so much fun on the photoshoot and I never expected to get so many awesome photos.
I was very impressed by your passion for the trade and your professionalism.

The studio is also one of the best I've seen. So all-in-all, you are a photographer I definitely want to work with in the future and there is no doubt I will recommend you to others!
I am confident that the headshots you took will get me work. Big time!
I would also like to thank Sharon for her perfect make-up skills. None of the photos need retouching, since she did such a good job!
Best of luck and see you soon!"
One Day Studio Photography Tutorial for Beginners

"We have been very fortunate to have experienced these guys excellent service on 3 occasions, our Wedding photos, a studio shoot 3 years ago and then another studio shoot earlier this year. They provide a very professional, modern, and quality service.  Their service is superb and I would definitely recommend them."
Terry & Elaine

"Thank you Sharon and Darrin for capturing such special images for us on our Wedding celebration. You made us all feel totally relaxed and at ease with your calm, composed and professional presence throughout the course of the day.  Both the wonderful stills and the fabulous DVD have given us the memoirs of an unforgettable occasion.  Our gratitude for all your hard work and endurance (and keeping us with some light during the power cut!!)"
Marianne & Andy
"Our family group photograph was taken by Darrin who provided a very professional photo shoot with a relaxing atmosphere in his studio. His calm, patient manner made our family feel very relaxed and the outcome was a fantastic natural looking photograph rather than a stilted looking staged image. We were very impressed with Darrin's professionalism and the quality of the photograph."
Darren & Tammy

"When it came to our wedding photography we wanted only the best - which is why we choose you. We felt you would create something special and so had high expectations.  We're delighted to say that our expectations were exceeded in every way - thank you for capturing our day so beautifully."
Gary & Mersha

"The service I received was excellent!  Darrin & Sharon were professional and work well as a team!  They listened to what I wanted - the look I wanted to portray for my business and as a client I felt I was in good hands.  On the day of the shoot they created a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, were patient and attentive to every detail to get the perfect shot.  The end results were exactly what I wanted.  I was so pleased with the service that I even decided to book another studio photo session with them for myself!  I was so impressed with Darin and Sharon 's work – definitely a satisfied customer and would highly recommend them!"
Noleen - Essence Beauty Salon

"My first modelling experience was with photographer Darrin Henry. I felt very nervous at first, but that was then a vague memory/feeling. Darrin was very easy to talk to, which made the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable. He was also well prepared with brilliant visions of poses and ideas that to make an impressive photo which made it so much easier and fun, even when there were challenges. Darrin's motivation, enthusiasm and good spirit soon caught on making the sessions I had fun, exciting and thrilling, which made me willing and ready for another session."
"I am not a professional model, this does not come naturally, however Darrin and Sharon have the amazing ability to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. It was easy to ‘become' their vision. Darrin and Sharon are able to take inspiration from many different areas and create something beautiful. They are inventive and motivated, and they have the ability to create the perfect balance between remaining professional yet very welcoming and friendly. A great husband and wife team!"

"Today was absolutely fab!!!
Your both so proffessional, the make up was amazing. Sharon and Darrin you made me feel extremely comfortable and you were so enthusastic!
I would one million percent recommend you guys to the world!
Can not wait to see the out come and work with you guys again very soon!
Thankyou so much again"
"Yh it was a really brilliant day, you guys were so great to work with I felt really relaxed around and you were both really professional. The make-up and the photographs were both outstanding I can't wait to get them into my portfolio, I couldn't have hoped for better pictures =).
Thank you!
Look forward to working with you both again!


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